Wednesday, November 09, 2005

France: The situation today

[SoulfulChemistry] The situation today

France 09/11/05

There has been another night of rioting here, less than before but still rioting despite curfews in three French cities, curfews that are greatly protested in many inner city areas where many are calling for stronger social measures to be taken and more funding made available rather than more restraints imposed.

I in no way condone this violence but I do understand the reasons for its outburst.

The French are wondering why this is happening? Goodness ! Really?

The Root of the problem? Well hold on for the list is long but here is just one reason for today…………….

What is happening in France today is an illustration of the very essence racism and of what the consequences of racism and the social exclusion and feeling of alienation that ensue, can lead to.

1. The consequences of France's inability to listen to, to respect and accept immigrants' ideas, cultural differences and more importantly needs, is now out there in the open for the whole world to see and other European countries would do well to take heed to avoid the same mistakes.

French society, is very intolerant of what we call the « Other »; the dreaded « Autre » This intolerance stems from a deeply ingrained characteristic of this country's very psyche , which is a stubborn refusal to listen to or to be interested in anything that is not theirs or adheres to some bygone colonial idea and image of what being French is all about, this is the very basis of racism and needs to be tackled and changed there where it starts; at its roots. People are now waking up to a truth that all immigrants in this country (myself included in that category ) have known for a long time; if you are an immigrant here you will always be treated as a third class citizen; no matter how successful your integration into French society, you will never be listened to or taken seriously ; you will at best be scorned if not insulted daily and humiliated , this is the worst case scenario. Unfortunately it has had to come to this outburst of violence for anyone here (who lives outside of these sad suburbs) to notice it and for the cries of distress to be heard ,listened to and more importantly decisions taken to change it.

Let's face it if everyday you are told you are not French then after a number of years why would you ever want to be French ?

This is France's challenge

"It's also the responsibility of each of us to change our behavior, to change the way we look at people. Warning!These words were taken out of their context and are only quoted partially…. but if this is what he meant then he got it right this time. Next post.. How funding for intercity youth associations has been systematically cut over the past ten years .Post after that; the employment crisis among immigrant youths (yes it`s the Telephone Conversation all over again) enough for today.SnC.

Operation Steel Curtain

Husaybah--town, Anbar Province, Iraq. 2,500 U.S. and 1,000 Iraqi troops targeted Al-Qaeda fighters (leaders).

FTAA Summit in Argentina

FTAA Summit in Argentina

Venezuela and Brazil against the Free Trade agreement. Argentine leader frosty with President Bush.

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Rioting in Paris: 9th consecutive night. 250 people arrested Friday (Nov. 4th) night.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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November 7, 2005
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* Urban Unrest Escalates in France as Riots Continue for 11th Straight Night

*Urban unrest escalated around France this weekend as youths continued rioting throughout the country for an eleventh straight night. Over 3,300 cars had been destroyed throughout the country, along with dozens of public buildings and private businesses. More than 300 people have been detained. We go to Paris to speak with Christian Science Monitor correspondent, PeterFord.


* Bush Fails to Revive Free Trade Talks in Latin America Amid Mass Protests

*President Bush's trip to Argentina ended without any agreement on revivingtalks to create a regional free trade zone. On Friday, as many as 40,000 demonstrators filled the streets of Mar del Plate. We go to Argentina to speak with Beverly Keene, one of the organizers the alternative People's Summit.